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Go, Single Lady

Go, Single Lady

Alternative Name: Zhēn'ài yù dào tā, 真愛遇到他

Writer: Chen Xin Yi 陳炘怡, Li Ting Yu 李庭瑜, Shi Pei Qi 施佩岐

Director: Ke Han Chen 柯翰辰

Cast: Ady An 安以軒, Mike He 賀軍翔

Category: Taiwanese Drama

Tagged as: Comedy, Romance

Date Added: May 09, 2016

Release on: 2014

Status: Completed

Rank: 423

Total views: 57449

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Go, Single Lady Synopsis

When Ms. New-money with deep pockets meets a Mr.Second Generation Heir who lives off of his father that is broke. Love begins to unfold on a relationship that started out as a business deal to help her get into the upper crust inner circle of high society and him working for her in teaching her the etiquette of high society life and maintain his luxury life style.

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